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DiscDog Foundations 3 Day Workshop

Are you interested in training your dog in one of the UKs newest dog activities?

Disc Dog, A.K.A Dog Frisbee  is a fab dog sport that focuses on teamwork to get the most impressive catches within the allotted time limit, but also has various games within the sport, just like agility! Ruby Welsford of ClickerTastic and the UK DDA (Disc Dog Association) and her dog Betsy will be leading this fun three day event.

In this three day workshop, you will learn how to throw, how to teach your dog to correctly track a disc, how to refine catching style, and depending on the ability of the participants, how to teach stunts such as back stalls, vaults, rebounds and various other impressive, dog tiring feats! 

There are 7 dog handler spaces and some spectator spaces over the three days. To get the most out of the course as a dog handler it is best if you can attend all three days with your dog.

Email to reserve your 3 day handler or daily spectator spot.