Treats: Barker and Barker Tasty Topper - Arctic Fish


Barker and Barker Tasty Topper - Arctic Fish


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A Tasty Topper with the characteristic smell and taste of fish to provide an appetising garnish to your dogs meal.

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Use if your dog is off his food or if you are trying to encourage your dog to eat a new food.

Ideal to use over BARF (raw meat and bones) diets where the plain meat can get a little boring for your dog. Excellent as a general treat as well. Tasty Toppers were originally designed to help improve your dogs appetite with either generally poor eaters or when your dog is convalescing and requires an incentive to eat. In fact, Toppers are fantastic to use in any situation where you want to encourage your dog to eat. Your dog will find Barker & Barker Toppers irrisistable - we guarantee it!

This product is guaranteed ethoxyquin free.


  • 100% natural ingredients - No artifical additives of any kind - GM Free
  • Great taste and aroma of fish that dogs love
  • Great to encourage fussy eaters or simply as a tasty treat
  • Encourages convalescing dogs to eat
  • High in protein - crucial for healthy growth and immune system maintenance
  • Adds flavour and nutrients to bland BARF diets
  • Equally good on wet or dry food

Directions For Use: sprinkle over your dog's food

Daily Allowance: 2 teaspoons

Composition:  100% Arctic Fish