‘’I have been training dogs for over 20 years’’

Robin’s Story

I started training at a dog club with my rescue airedale terrier Cassie. During my time at the club I competed in competitive obedience with my airedale terriers Cassie and Poppy with some success. Poppy was part of the Northern Ireland inter regional team for obedience at Crufts.

After that I realised that I was not enjoying competition and wanted to have fun with my dogs. I started studying different training methods and joined Puppyschool run by Gwen Bailey. I travelled to England and learned about positive training methods and how to work with behavioural problems. This was the best learning experience I could have chosen.

I am now Puppyschool regional manger looking to recruit new tutors, there are currently three of us in Northern Ireland.

Fourteen years ago I became a full time dog trainer. I gained experience taking classes, dog walking, home training for training issues and dealing with behavioural problems. Over time I have learned many things and my ideas and thoughts are ever changing to improve what I do. I am always continuing my education for the improvement of dogs lives and welfare. I also ran boarding kennels and a doggy day care centre for a year.

Since then I have written and presented a number of seminars, I take classes and teach agility for fun only, as well as continuing with behavioural work and classes.

I currently work part time in Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary working with dogs that need help to improve their situation.

I am co-founder, with Sandra Gilliland of a website www.MEG to educate people on what to look for when buying a puppy. Sandra and I are also currently teaching an accredited course to help people who want to become a dog trainer, the course is a level 3 OCNNI accredited course for the first time in Northern Ireland.

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