Puppy Training

We are very aware about the value of early puppy training and puppy socialisation. Puppies have critical periods of socialisation and the early weeks are vital, with most puppies it is up to 12 weeks.

Puppies also absorb information at an early age and early puppy training will benefit them and you for life. Teaching puppies with positive reinforcement will be teaching your puppy long lasting exercises from the beginning.

Our Aim

Is to give you the best advice you can get to help your puppy with early training and socialisation as well as advice on all puppy problems.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes will include lead walking, coming back when called, grooming, getting used to other puppies and people as well as some exercises which will give you and your puppy a good range of life skills like jumping up and play biting as well as safe play.

We can do both one-2-one training or training classes.

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