Training and Socialisation classes

We are very aware about the value of early puppy training and puppy socialisation. Puppies have critical periods of socialisation and the early weeks are vital, with most puppies it is up to 12 weeks.

Puppies also absorb information at an early age and early puppy training will benefit them and you for life. Teaching puppies with positive reinforcement will be teaching your puppy long lasting exercises from the beginning.

Similarly with dogs we are very much of the belief that training for your dog should continue throughout its whole life and an old dog is never too old to learn new tricks!

Our Aim

Is to give you the best advice you can get to help your puppy with early training and socialisation as well as continued training for your older dog.

Group Training Classes for Puppies and Dogs

We run 2 types of classes indoors in locations throughout Northern Ireland through our Murphy’s Dog Training Ltd company (of which I’m the owner):

1.            Puppy socialisation which is suitable for puppies from 2nd vaccination up to 25 weeks

              We will cover:

               - Exercises which will give you and your puppy a good range of life skills like jumping up, play biting and

                   safe play.

               - Lead walking

                - Coming back when called

                - Grooming

                - Getting used to other puppies and people

We will teach your puppy the above as well as offering expert advice on any other issues you may have.


2.            Dog Training which is suitable for an adolescent, a rescued, an older or an untrained dog from 6 months.

               We will cover:

               - Behaving around people and dogs

               - Walking on lead without pulling

               - To reliably come back when called

               - Focus around distractions

               - Sit, down and stand

               - Wait

We will teach your dog the above as well as offering expert advice on any other issues you may have.

Both classes run in 5-week blocks and are a 1-hour session once a week

If you want to check out dates and availability for puppy and dog classes in a location convenient to you, please check out the link ‘book a class’.

All dogs will be trained using positive reinforcement and NO harsh methods.

All of our Murphy’s Dog Training Ltd tutors have completed a rigorous training programme including an accredited OCN course ( and they have been carefully selected based on their experience, compassion and commitment to animal welfare. If you are interested in having a career with dogs yourself, check out our franchise opportunities.


One-to-One training sessions

If you prefer to learn at a time slot that suits you we also offer one-to-one training sessions. See more information on our page

And if you prefer to train your puppy or dog due to work or family commitments from the comfort of your own home, we also have these online courses available.




Older Dog


Please also reach out to us 077 30941 989 email