Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour OCN NI 10 Wk Accredited

Mon Jan 21

Skainos Centre - 241 Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 1AF

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Would you like to learn more about dog behaviour and training? Or thinking of changing career to work with dogs?

Northern Ireland dog trainers and behaviourists Robin Bates and Sandra Gilliland will be teaching a 10 week accredited 'Principles of Dog Training & Behaviour' course beginning Monday 21st January 2019.

The course is accredited through the Open College Network Northern Ireland to level 3 standard and will be held on a Monday evening from 7-9pm, in the Skainos Centre on Newtownards Road, Belfast.

Areas that will be studied include:

- The development of the domestic dog

- Proven scientific dog training methods

- Canine body language and calming signals

- Dog behaviour problems and how to deal with them.

Two of the classes will be held at an outdoor dog training area to teach some practical aspects of the course where you will get the chance to hone your training skills with dogs.

Please book online here and you will then receive an email from for futher information

Full price of the course is £420.00 and we expect £100 deposit upfront and then remainder payment to be made by 10th January 2019 (we will send bank details)



...knows what he is talking about as a lot I have been with don't have a clue, all talk. Well done Robin

Rita McCaffrey

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