Furbabies First Aid Event for Pets (MAAS)

Wed Jun 26

Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary,Greystone Road, Antrim T41 2QN

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£ 40.00


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Canine First Aid course by Aoife Morrow Veterinary Surgeon
Learn some basic first aid tips on how you would cope with your pet's needs in an emergency.
Register for our first aid course with Furbabies First Aid. Furbabies First Aid is the brainchild of Northern Irish vet Aoife Morrow and vet nurse Melissa Wallace, both are fully qualified and together have some fourteen years professional experience in veterinary care.
The course is specifically designed to provide pet owners with the theoretical and practical skills to cope in an emergency situation that can be dangerous and distressing for pet and owner alike
The workshop will involve a theory and practical session and will include looking at what pet owners can do in urgent incidents involving your pet such as:
You are welcome to bring your dog along with you on-lead to the session, so long as your dog is comfortable being in a room with other dogs and as long as they are fully vaccinated.
You will receive a certificate of attendance for completing the course from Furbabies First Aid.www.furbabiesfirstaid.co.uk
Cost for this session is £40.00.Please book here


...a genuine dog lover he shows enormous empathy especially with rescue dogs...

Lisa Mcbratney