Adolescent (online training) for teenage dog from 20 weeks

Mon Jun 1


ongoing (purchase-able online)

£ 35.00

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Based in Northern Ireland Robin Bates Dog Training NI are committed to solving canine behaviour and training problems and also teaching dog owners and people working in the dog industry using good dog training practices.

Do you have a troublesome teenager who doesn't listen, is jumping up and doesn't come back when called ? Does it need to be taught to walk on a loose lead as to focus more?  

Purchase our Adolescent online training course which has a total of 3 modules to help you understand your teenage dog and teach it all the essential skills it needs . Ultimately everything you the owner and your dog needs to have a good relationship. Once purchased the material is available for 6 months. This course is suitable for adolescent dogs from 20 weeks . We also have Happy Puppy (8 to 20 weeks) and Golden Oldies courses available.

As this is the first time that we are running this course online and understanding financial constraints at the moment, we are offering it at a discounted rate of £35.00 if purchased before 31st May. 

You can preview the course and purchase it via the link here Adolescent online coursewhich will give you automatic access to the platform where all the videos are available

Due to the coronavirus pandemic it is not currently possible for us to offer face to face group training sessions, so we are bringing puppy, adolescent and golden oldie dog training to your home instead by offering new online training classes.

Each of these separate courses can be purchased online and you can progress through the exercises at your own pace.

Robin and his team are still dedicated to training your dog only with reward based training and positive reinforcement and with the belief that dogs young and old can be trained using kind and positive methods

You can preview the course and purchase it via the link Adolescent online course which will give you automatic access to the platform where all the videos are available


..6 days later and the results are amazing. We have a happier, more social and less anxious pup

Kat Earlie

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