I am Committed to Educating People on better Dog Welfare & Training Techniques.

I run classes & hold talks on various topics that I feel are important & educational for both dog owners and animal handlers alike.

Topics of Interest

The Better dog training Course. 
This is an OCNNI level 3 accredited course. It is a 10 week evening class covering topics like learning theory, the domestication of dogs, socialisation, taking a class and teaching exercises and working with behavioural problems.

The 10 week accredited course will help you if you are considering a career change or just for your own education. Dog related talks, and half day courses can be organised and we will be working on shorter accredited courses.

Sandra and I have many years of experience and education behind us and decided to use this knowledge to bring a qualification to Northern Ireland.

We have almost finished the first one and in future hope to bring it to different areas.


The Talks

I have also presented talks for schools, charities and day courses covering subjects like 'Body Language and Signs of Stress', 'The Rescue Dog' and 'So you want to be a Dog Trainer'.

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