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Training Classes

Our Classes

All of our classes are informal, friendly and we use reward based methods and try to keep them fun for both the owner and dog.

In the classes you will be encouraged to succeed with the exercises and will get individual advice when you need it.

Our Aim

The classes are designed to promote responsible dog ownership, teach you and your dog life skills so that you and the dog have a good bond and your dog is well trained, happy and confident.

We want you to get the best out of your dog.


Training Classes Our Classes

The Classes

There are different classes for different ages and topics. These are basic training for dogs from puppy, adolescence and upwards.

Most will run as courses with the same group of dogs, there are courses for basic training, enrichment, scent work and a very different dog course with exercises not normally found in normal dog training classes, introducing some different skills.

You can book all of our classes here and if you have any questions you can contact us on:

Training Classes How Work The Classes


This is a list of our current training venues which we are constantly reviewing. Please check out the courses we have available under forthcoming events

Agape Centre, Lisburn Road, Belfast, Co.Antrim,Northern Ireland

Comber Orange Hall, Comber, Northern Ireland

Cregagh Church,Cregagh Road, Belfast, Co.Antrim,Northern Ireland

Mid Antrim Animal Santuary, Antrim , Co.Antrim,Northern Ireland

St Polycarps Church, Finaghy, Co.Antrim,Northern Ireland