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Inspiring Resilience in fearful and reactive dogs:

By Sally Gutteridge

2018 Independently Published

This book is about how to deal with the reactive dog, how to change the dog’s behavior with a long lasting solution.

The book explains the development of the dog, different breeds and learning experiences to help us understand why the dog has become reactive.

It moves on to look at body language and how to communicate better with our dogs and build a positive relationship with our dog.

The book then moves onto how we can change the dog’s behavior using positive methods. It is all about building the dog’s confidence to cope better in situations which are fearful to the dog.

I like the way Sally talks about empowering the dog so the dog can make better choices to help change their behavior and looks at all aspects of the dog’s life which may affect the dog’s behavior. This approach is essential in my opinion.

This is a great book it is very well written and presented. This book is a must for professionals working with animals as well as dog guardians.


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