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CPD at Woof 2019

In all professions we all need to do Continued professional development, any of the organisations I belong to always encourage it.

Some people I have met dread it but I always find it enlightening, I always learn something and it is our responsibility to do learn more to provide a better and more knowledgeable service for you.

This year I attended Woof 2019 where there were 4 days of quality international speakers and it was a privilege meet them as well as hear their ideas and views.

In the welcome pack we got a note book and I really made good use of mine;two weeks later I am still referring back to it. I picked up snippets for the talks at The Lamppost Café, for your behavioural problems and for content for new classes and courses we are working on. It is amazing how ideas are formed from the seeds of information I picked up.

Needless to say it was a worthwhile 4 days; it was also good to meet so many friends from my past training days and new people as well as chat to like minded people.

Topics covered were varied from bringing dogs into hospitals, the science behind learning, scent work, enrichment, muscular problems on behaviour, frustration and the power of anticipation.

The message from everyone was we should train using positive methods, +R , train giving your dog choice and train with no pain, no force and no fear.

Enjoy your dogs.


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Full course calendar can be found here


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