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Halloween is coming up fast and some of our dogs and puppies are frightened of the noises and flashes.

If you have a dog who is frightened or a puppy who has never encountered fireworks now is the time to start preparing them for this time of the year.

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Tue 24 Sep 2019 Dog Training

In all professions we all need to do Continued professional development, any of the organisations I belong to always encourage it.

Some people I have met dread it but I always find it enlightening, I always learn something and it is our responsibility to do learn more to provide a better and more knowledgeable service for you.

This year I attended Woof 2019 where there were 4 days of quality international speakers and it was a privilege meet them as well as hear their ideas and views.

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Wed 27 Mar 2019 Woof 2019