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The classes I run are for any age and type of dog, the Puppy School classes are for puppies up to 20 weeks. Owners are encouraged to bring other family members as well as children to ensure that the dogs become trusted, well balanced and sociable family pets.

The classes are informal, fun and reward based, you will learn how to train your own dog and will be given advice on training issues.

Right: Poppy and Darcy patiently waiting for their human photographer to "get the job done".

Individual problems are discussed at the end of each class where we will cover any issues relating to your dog as well as help in explaining exercises, why dogs do things, how to help with bad habits, feeding, grooming and general pet dog maintenance.

Classes can lead to the award of Kennel Club Good Citizen Certificates.

The classes are designed to help responsible dog ownership.Enquiry Form


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